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We opt for quality, reliability and productivity.

Premetec is committed to the high standards of an overall quality environment, and to the principle of continuous improvement. We engage systematically in the development of our machinery, employee competences and processes to provide your company with unrivalled service and quality, all under a sustainable mindset.

Quality – A priority at all times

We will always make sure to meet your company’s delivery times and quality requirements. We are ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified. In addition, we are committed to operate in sustainable ways in compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

At Premetec, quality is everyone’s responsibility. From their first day, our employees are encouraged to adopt their own quality and sustainability mindset, with everyone understanding the importance and requirements of quality and environmental management in their work.

Traceability and transparency

Because all the raw materials we use in part fabrication and machine tools are traceable, you can be sure of their quality and origin. As our customer, you will receive a certificate on raw material utilised, and on surface treatment and finishing. Each of our products also leaves a digital trail. In other words, our manufacturing process can be monitored and validated from end to end.

Sustainable partnerships

Only reliable service and flawless quality is what our customers deserve. That is the basis on which we build our customer relationships. Day in and day out, we manufacture products for customers big and small, without compromising in quality – always carefully observing and considering the special needs and current requirements of their industry sectors.

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Maintaining a long-term career

Our company is only as strong as our staff is. For this reason, we invest heavily in occupational wellbeing and competence development, and in ensuring a well-functioning working environment. Around 40 metal industry and industrial design experts currently work at the strongly growing Premetec family.

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