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A seamless part of your digital supply chain.

As your contract manufacturer, our task is to guarantee the operation flow of your production line, by providing your company with critical, readily available information as part of a global digital supply chain. That is why we have analysed and digitalised all our processes and their management – from production to office.

Realtime production information.

Our digital processes enable us to integrate seamlessly with your company’s purchasing and production management processes, and provide real time reporting based on agreed production indicators.

Each of our products leaves a clear digital trail from raw material to finished product. In other words, our manufacturing process can be monitored and validated from end to end.

When production is rolling, we won’t disturb you.

Our goal is to make reporting and other contacts with our customers so open and automatic that no extra work is added to anyone.

Our production management activities continuously generate data for our customers. We use the Digital Twin solution, which provides efficiency, security and transparency. For example, we can analyse processes, machinery and documents from a single location, and adjust order dates independently of time and place.

Sustainable partnerships

Only reliable service and flawless quality is what our customers deserve. That is the basis on which we build our customer relationships. Day in and day out, we manufacture products for customers big and small, without compromising in quality – always carefully observing and considering the special needs and current requirements of their industry sectors.

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Maintaining a long-term career

Our company is only as strong as our staff is. For this reason, we invest heavily in occupational wellbeing and competence development, and in ensuring a well-functioning working environment. Around 40 metal industry and industrial design experts currently work at the strongly growing Premetec family.

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