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A steely attitude. A heart of gold.

At Premetec, we have an uncompromising attitude towards reliability, high-quality and efficiency. We only make products that precisely meet our customer’s needs. We act sustainably in everything that we do, treating the environment, and our customers, suppliers and employees with respect.

The values behind our activities

In our work, we aim to always do our best on behalf of the customer. We keep our promises.

Our operations are flexible and efficient. We do not pointlessly waste resources, all that we do has a purpose.

We treat everyone as equal and we value diversity – whether they be customers, suppliers or our employees – regardless of their religion, ethnic background, or gender.

In our operations, we take environmental protection seriously. We seek to reduce our carbon footprint through our choices.

Sustainable partnerships

Only reliable service and flawless quality is what our customers deserve. That is the basis on which we build our customer relationships. Day in and day out, we manufacture products for customers big and small, without compromising in quality – always carefully observing and considering the special needs and current requirements of their industry sectors.

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Maintaining a long-term career

Our company is only as strong as our staff is. For this reason, we invest heavily in occupational wellbeing and competence development, and in ensuring a well-functioning working environment. Around 40 metal industry and industrial design experts currently work at the strongly growing Premetec family.

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