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From lathe operator to supervisor

As a vocational college graduate, I had spent years doing various jobs in the plastics industry and was looking for a change. Friends told me that Premetec was recruiting, and I was hired as a CNC lathe operator. At first it was challenging, since I had no experience in the industry, but I’m a quick learner and was given a thorough induction. Machining is light and clean indoor work, involving the adjustment and operation of machines. The challenging issue is to resolve how to precisely machine a piece in line with drawings.

Career progress within the company

After just three years, my employer asked me if I would be interested in working as a supervisor. Since I like variety and challenges, I took the opportunity. Flexibility has always been the best aspect of my work. As a supervisor, I am directly in charge of production, monitor the precision loading of machinery, and take care of logistics i.e. the receipt and shipment of goods. I am also considering starting a course at a university of applied sciences outside working hours.

A shared sense of humour

I moved to Outokumpu for my work, and I’ve settled in well. As a father of four, I spend most of my free time with my family. My hobby involves all sorts of bustling around at home, building and renovating. I also enjoy the occasional sauna evening with friends. We share a similar kind of humour. We all laugh at our corny jokes.

– Joni Keinänen, Supervisor

Machining is still a passion after over 30 years

I’ve been a CNC lathe operator for a very long time, over 30 years. I was the first external employee at Toolman, which is now part of Premetec. I originally left vocational college as an industrial plant fitter, but I have learned all my skills on the job and in specialty courses. Machining has become much easier in the age of digitalisation. Modern software can be used to spin pieces at high speeds. If a company like this had been around 30 years ago, it would have done all the work in the region.

Independent problem-solving

Independence has always been the best aspect of my work. My boss tells me what the project is, after which I am free to plan the tasks. On the tool manufacturing side, each and every piece to be machined is different. It keeps things interesting when you can ‘experiment’ with how to make the piece in the most rational way. However, you can always ask colleagues for help if needed. We have a working community spirit, based on the principle in which the team will help if you can’t manage something on your own.

Morning in the forest, afternoon at work

I love working in two shifts because I hunt as a hobby and go into the forest almost on a daily basis. On the afternoon shift days, I usually spend the morning in the forest with my dog. Day shifts during the winter, start and end work in the dark. I like my work here and the future looks bright for the company. Our new owner has systematised our work and we continue to gain new customer accounts.

– Tapani Naumanen, CNC Lathe Operator

Procedure designer hooked on machining

I was supposed to become an electrician, but I saw an old CNC lathe at vocational college, and my career plans changed there and then. I applied for a machining course. I’ve been working as a procedure designer for around 15 years. I joined Premetec a couple of years ago, when I was seeking new challenges. A friend hinted that a growing company was looking for designers. I had to learn the job very quickly, but I didn’t need to get off to a flying start alone.

Time to focus on the essential

Our owner is the best aspect about work here. He has a good understanding of how a workshop is run. I feel qualified to say that, having seen worse examples. I’ve also been better able to use my skills at Premetec, since I don’t need to focus on non-essential issues. Processes and responsibilities are clear. As a procedure designer, I have to understand how the desired piece is made, I obtain the required cutting tools, create programs for the machines and provide mental support for the machinists.

Carpooling from Joensuu

I live in Joensuu, 45 km from my work. Luckily, there is a good road and the journey goes by quickly in the company of colleagues. As a counterbalance to work, I engage in sports and go scuba diving in the summer. I have to spend a lot of my spare time with my family, but I still want to develop and progress with my career. Premetec has fulfilled these needs well. I have held preliminary discussions with my supervisor about further training. Here, I feel that everyone’s contribution is appreciated and I can have an impact. That’s important.

– Janne Lappalainen, Procedure Designer

Sustainable partnerships

Only reliable service and flawless quality is what our customers deserve. That is the basis on which we build our customer relationships. Day in and day out, we manufacture products for customers big and small, without compromising in quality – always carefully observing and considering the special needs and current requirements of their industry sectors.

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Maintaining a long-term career

Our company is only as strong as our staff is. For this reason, we invest heavily in occupational wellbeing and competence development, and in ensuring a well-functioning working environment. Around 35 metal industry and industrial design experts currently work at the strongly growing Premetec family.

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